Theme: Timeless. Photo of the week winner, Miro to say a few words!

 Hello everyone, jane (incanto charms) here

Our first competition has been highly successful and we’re very glad and would like to thank everyone for your active participation, both voters and participants. The pictures were great and I remember had a hard time trying to decide, I believe that’s for most of you too!

After consolidating the votes,  neomiro’s (we call him miro)  entry, “when it rains it pours” was selected by you to be the photo of the week for the theme “Timeless”. Me and the other admin decided that it would be great if Miro could say a few words over here about his picture and we’re extremely glad to have him here to share.

When it rains, it pours


My picture in the Timeless set was taken from teh South Rim of Grand Canyon on August 15th 2007. I used my Canon 30D with anEFS 17-85 mm F4-5.6 lens on a tripod.

The photo is HDR and actually consists of three images taken with different settings (for processing HDR’s, I used a program called Photomatix Pro).

Arizona during the Monsoon Season can be very spectacular.

In taking this particular shot, I was trying to focus on contrasts: colors, light, but also an interesting distinction between (temporary in nature) a fast passing storm front and a 270 MILLION years old (Timeless) rock formations of the canyon.

I would strongly encourage everyone to see Grand Canyon at least once in their lifetimes, it certainly gives a new perspectives on our daily “problems”.

A haiku comes to mind:

In a race against time..

Quickly! Must keave

As much of myself behind.

– Unknown



~ by Justine on September 5, 2007.

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